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Over time, the woodwork in any vehicle begins to show its age and we at Madera Concepts are dedicated to helping you get the wood trim in your Hudson back to looking “Showroom New”.... and we are proud to do our part in maintaining the Hudson “Heritage.”

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On occassion, we get to restore woodwork that comes from lesser known manufacturers who obviously put their mark on automtotive history.  Not only were these vehicles manufactured in very limited quantities, but many of them excelled in styling and performance.....and often, as a crowning touch, they included woodwork in their interiors !


Hudson Greater Eight

Above, is a picture of  a 1931 Hudson Greater Eight 4 Door Sedan. 

We have not been able to find a picture of the interior, but we understand that some Hudson's came with wooden interior trim .

This is a picture of  a 1937 Hudson / Railton Sports Tourer Dashboard. 

Our customer said his car was a Railton, but also said it was made by Hudson.  See Note Below.

Sorry we never had a chance to take an After picture, but we thought this was a nice example of early automobile woodwork. 

We aplogize for not knowing much about the years and models of Hudson automobiles that may have come with woodwork...or what woodwork came in them.  So, if any of you Hudson "Experts" can provide us information and quality photos of Hudson woodwork, we can add them to this section.

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Burled Walnut  OR  Carpathian Elm Burl

    (custom specialty veneers are available at an extra charge)

Since 1982, Madera Concepts® has proudly operated the nations’ “Number One” facility for complete restoration, reveneering and repair of automotive woodwork. We also manufacture the World’s Largest Selection of  O.E.M. Replacement Dashboards and Interior Trim Components. We are Factory Authorized*. Our craftsmen treat each piece with the utmost care, and the attention paid to even the smallest of details is evident. Whether your damaged piece is 90 years old or from last years model, we can restore it to pristine condition.

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