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Series I,  Series II,  Series III and Series IV

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If you would rather Purchase a New Set, we Manufacture New OEM Replacements for the
Clenet Series I, Clenet Series II, Clenet Series III & Clenet Series IV
Over time, the woodwork in any vehicle begins to show its age and we at Madera Concepts are dedicated to helping you get the wood trim in your Clenet back to looking “Showroom New”.... and we are proud to do our part in maintaining the Clenet “Heritage.”

If the wood in your Clenet is showing its’ age -
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Clenet Series I

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Clenet Series IV

Clenet Steering Wheel Restoration

Clenet Series II Rear

Window Surround

Clenet Series I
The Clenet Series I is a Two Seat Roadster.

Clenet Series I  Woodwork

As you can see, the woodwork in this Clenet Series I is really showing its age.  This was one of the earliest models, where a really "plain" walnut veneer was used.  Shortly thereafter, it was decided that Burled Walnut was more appropriate for a vehicle of Clenet's calibur. 

Here you can see a Burled Walnut Clenet Series I Dashboard set, out of the car.

Notice that the clear finish is cracke and cloudy AND the wood Veneer is cracking and delaminating from the wood substrate.


If you look at the end of the lower panel, you can see where someone had bored two holes.  Our customer made notes to indicate that they did not want those holes on the new Dashboard Set that we manufactured for them.



If the wood veneer on your Dashboard is good condition, we can restore your original woodwork.

You can have us restore your old dash, or you can buy a New One - either way, we’ve got you covered. 

Below you can see one of the NEW Clenet Series I  Dashboard sets that we manufacture.  We choose beautiful Burled Walnut veneers when we make these sets, because Burled Walnut is subtle, elegant and goes very well with all interior and exterior color combintations.

This Clenet Series I  Dashboard Set is a perfect example of the warmth and beauty of our woodwork.   Call us today to order one for yourself.

The Clenet Series I is an incredible work of art, and our woodwork is the "icing on the cake."
Here you can see the fine craftsmanship we put into every Clenet Series I  Dashboard Set we manufacture.

Attention to detail is paramount !  Above you can see how important it is to have the woodgain pattern carry thru the Glove Compartment Door. 

Your set will come with new chrome hinges. (you will need to use your stock lockset)

This is another Clenet Series I  Dashboard Set that we manufactured.  The lighting was different for this picture, that is why it appears the way it does......we just wanted you to see one of our OEM replacements with the Glove Compartment Door "hinged up."
Click Here to Go To our Woodwork For Sale Page to Order Your Clenet Series I Woodwork
You can have us restore your old Series I dash, or you can buy a New One - either way, we’ve got you covered. 

Call us Today to discuss your  Clenet Series I  woodwork.

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Clenet Series II
The Clenet Series II is a Four Seat Cabriolet.

Clenet Series II  Woodwork

The Clenet Series II is an absolutely gorgeous "neo-classic", and the Burled Walnut woodwork was by far, the crowning jewel of the interior.  The Burled Walnut veneers were hand selected and cut, so that the dashboard and door panels would all be a matching set.  The elegantly styled dashboard was made with bookmatched Burled Walnut veneers, complete with a "boxwood" Inlay.

It had a long sweeping curve, reverse beveled cutouts, and an integrated glove compartment door with a complimenting Burled Walnut knob. 

Over time, all automotive woodwork begins to show its' age and if that is the case with yours, we are here to help.

Often the finish gets old and brittle and starts to crack. Or the finish can get scratched or cloudy looking.


The good news is that we can restore your woodwork so that it looks "showroom new" !!!!

The Clenet Series II Dashboard above was starting to have finish problems and our customer sent it in to us for restoration.  We refinished it and it is now back in our customer’s car....they were thrilled with the results !!!!

(Note, the Glove Compartment Door was slightly open, which cause the camera flash to make it appear a different color - which was not the case)


Below are pictures of All of the woodwork from a Clenet Series II that had been taken out so that interior work could be done and so that the convertible top could be replaced.  Apparently it was out of the car for a long time.....and sadly, it was exposed to the elements during storage.  The owner called us and we assured them that we be able to get their woodwork looking "showroom new" again....of course they sent it to us, and we did our "magic".


The clear finish on the Dashboard had begun to crack and both the finish and the veneer had been chipped away in some areas. 

The color had also been bleached out and faded from sitting in the sun.  Our craftsmen started working it before we had a chance to take before pictures, but Below you can see what it looked like After we Refinished it.

Above you can see the "Bookmatched" veneer and the "Boxwood" Inlay.

The Door Panels were in bad shape too, but we think you would agree that after we restored them, they look fantastic !!

The Door Panels were cut from the same group of veneers as was the Dashboard.  The Front Door Panels were made as a "Matching Pair" with "Bookmatched" Veneer and "Boxwood" Inlay.

The Rear Door Panels were a made as a "Matching Pair" with "Boxwood" Inlay.

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Clenet Series III & IV
The Clenet Series III is a Two Seat Roadster
Clenet Series III & IV  Woodwork

Above is the Clenet Series III & IV Dashboard   It has a graceful curve, and is made with an absolutely gorgeous Burled Walnut veneer, bookmatched in the center with a beautiful Tulipwood Inlay.  Both the Series III and Series IV had a Glove Box Door and a Fuse Box Door.

We took the Fuse Box door out and pictured it close that you can see how stunningly beautiful it is.

An elegantly shaped knob was use on both the Fuse Box dor and the Glove Box Door.
The Door Panels were made in matching pairs, with bookmatched Burled Walnut and a beautiful Tulipwood Inlay.
Unlike the Series I & II, the Clenet Series III & IV had a switch panel on the console, incorporating window controls, seat controls and a cigarette lighter.  Like all Clenets, there was a crystal ashtray on the console as well.
The Clenet Series IV is a Two Seat Roadster.

All Clenets came with a wooden steering wheel......

.......and we can Restore yours for you.



If the finish on your Steering Wheel in your Clenet is chipped, scratched, worn thin or cracked, we can refinish it for you.
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Before our customer sent us their woodwork for restoration,

things things had gone from bad to worse.......

The wooden frame that holds the Rear Window Glass in place, and the Burled Walnut Trim that surrounds the rear window on the inside must have been left where it was really wet.  THEY WERE:  Warped, Twisted, ROTTEN AND FALLING APART.

Fortunately were able to manufacture exact duplicates for our customer.

The Rear Window Surround Ring is very special part of  the Clenet Series II woodwork, and it is one that most Clenet owners may not know exists.  It is a very critical part of the convertible top. 

For starters, it is curved and has a very complex shape.  It then performs four functions.  The exterior convertible top fabric is cut and stapled to it.  The headliner is cut and stapled to it.  The curved rear window glass is bonded into it.  And lastly the Burled Walnut Rear Window Surround Trim Ring is fastened to it from the inside.


Here is a Before and After picture of the "rotten" part.....and the Replacement We Manufactured:
In the close-up below, a section of the rotted part is pictured above the same section on the new part. As you can see, we didn't have much to work with.  Our customer provided the rear glass, so we knew that shape, and we were able to determine the "cross-section" from the non-rotted areas.
Below are two pictures showing how rotten the part had gotten....layers of wood were gone....
But when all was said and done, we manufactured a replacement part that was Original Equipment in every way !!!!

The Burled Walnut Rear Window Surround Trim Ring - that you can see when you are inside the Clenet....was in bad shape as well.

Here are some Before pictures:

This part was Warped, Twisted, the Burled Walnut Veneer was falling off, and layers of veneer that made up the structural part were falling off and missing.




Below, is the replacement part that we manufactured - it was Original Equipment in every way !!
Our customer couldn't believe it....they thought that there was no hope...But we saved the day for them !!!!!

We hope that your woodwork never gets to the condition of the set above.....but should it start to have trouble....



Keep In Mind, we can restore the woodwork in any series of Clenet.

We manufacture New OEM Replacements for the Clenet Series I and we have both Series II and Series III Dashboards at our facility, should you wish to do an exchange.  

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