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Throughout their history, BMW has offered some very beautiful wood appointments in their vehicles. The wood found in the 2800 and 3.0 were fine examples of the early statements BMW was making with their woodwork and that tradition continues with the models BMW produces today.

Over time, the woodwork in any vehicle begins to show its age and we at Madera Concepts are proudly dedicated to doing our part in maintaining the BMW “Heritage” by helping you get the wood trim in your BMW looking “Showroom New”.


Please choose a model from the list below, or scroll down the page to see all.

2000                 3.0  CSi & CSL

2800 / 3.0           850 CSI


If it is Real Wood in your BMW, then We Can Restore It - Call us 805-962-1579


If the wood in your BMW is showing its' age, you have some options.

No matter the condition of your wood, we can help you.

Below is some general information about Refinishing and Reveneering.

Refinishing - If the clear finish has gone bad, and the base wood "substructure" and the wood veneer on the face of your parts is in good condition, we can Refinish your parts for you.

Refinishing is generally required for most of the woodwork folks send us for restoration, but ocassionally we get in a set that needs both Reveneering and Refinishing.

Reveneering - If the clear finish and the Veneer under the clear finish has gone bad..and the base wood "substructure" is still in good condition.....then we can Reveneer and Refinish your parts for you.

If your woodwork needs reveneering, you can talk to us about veneer options....


Call us today to discuss the condition of your woodwork and the options available.

BMW 2000

Below you can see the entire set of woodwork from a 1967 BMW 2000


- This first picture is Before we restored it -

-The following pictures are After we restored it -
Click here to see Before and After pictures of this of 1967 BMW 2000 Woodwork
BMW 2000 Woodwork
1969 BMW 2000
1969 BMW 2000 Woodwork - After Restoration

This picture give you a better view of the stock parts and how gorgeouse they look after we restored them.


Besides Refinishing and Revneneering, the most important option for BMW 2800 / 3.0 owners -

We can Manufacture you a New Replacement Set of Woodwork for your 2800 / 3.0. 


  Many times, either some or all of the woodwork in these cars is in really bad condition. So bad, that repair, refinishing or reveneering are not good options.

Typically the parts have gotten wet again and again and have literally started to rot and fall apart. But not to worry, we can help you. We produce replacement woodwork for your 2800 / 3.0 and not just some, but all the parts.

If you order a full replacement set, we can veneer them in the stock straight grained wood or you can talk to us about other wood veneer choices you have.

If you have us manufacture any parts to replace the part or two of your stock set that may be too bad to restore, we will choose a veneer and stain color to “compliment” a sample part of your existing woodwork, however we always recommend that you have us Reveneer all the parts all at the same time, ......guarantying the best possible wood grain pattern and color match. Or as previously mentioned we can manufacture you one of our new O.E.M. Replacement sets - and you can discuss with us your veneer choice options.

The link to our Popular Wood Choices is at the bottom of this page.

Below are the OEM Replacement Wooden Dashboard


Interior Trim parts we manufacture for the BMW 2800 & 3.0

We find that most popular upgrade requested by owners of the 2800 & 3.0 BMW’s, is for a different wood type.  No offense intended, but those models came with a rather plain straight grained walnut, and there is a very high demand from 2800 & 3.0 owners, to have their wood veneer changed to a different wood type.  Below you can see gorgeous examples of different wood types and at the bottom of this page, you will be able to link to our Popular Wood Choices.

Please Note, that you have a choice when it comes to the clear finish we use to "finish" your parts.  You can choose either the stock "Satin Finish" or you can have us use the High Gloss finish.  Please be sure to discuss that with us.
We have manufactured this set pictured above as close as stock as possible.  We veneered it with a straight grained walnut.  We also stained it and finished it with a satin finish.
Click Here to see "Before" Pictures
The set pictured above was a custom order that we manufactured in a special "Fiddle-Back Figured Walnut" and stained a medium-brown, with a Satin Finish.  (This veneer is no longer available - sorry - but there are other veneers that you may choose from our Popular Wood Choices, at the bottom of this page.)
Click here to see More Pictures of Figured Grain Walnut Parts
In some cases our customers have asked us to fill the speaker hole, which we can do if we are reveneering your stock parts.   If you are having us manufacture you a new set, you could ask us to leave out the speaker hole if you do not want it.  You can see in the picture below, the passenger panel without the speaker cutout and speaker grille.
The set pictured above was a custom order that we manufactured in Burled Walnut that had a "fan" pattern.  It is not stained and has the High Gloss finish on it.
Click Here to see More Pictures of Burled Walnut Parts

Above is one of the parts we manufacture, veneered in Figured Grain Walnut with a Satin finish.

NOTE:  The parts below are from the same set....and the color difference you see is due to a different camera angle.

Above is a closeup of the Optional Replacement Speaker Grille we manufacture.

BMW  3.0  CSi and CSL Woodwork

This woodwork is from a 1972 BMW 3.0 CSL.  The finish on it had failed, but the veneer and base substrates were in good enough condition for us to Refinish it.  Our Customer chose to have us put on a Satin Finish.

Here you can see how nice everything looked After we Refinished it....

......especially with the rubber trim re-installed on the console.

Click  Here to see Before Pictures of this 3.0 CSL woodwork

What’s more, we manufacture a new replacement

Lower Deck Tray Panel

for the 2800 / 3.0

This is the Top View of the OEM Replacement Lower Deck Tray Panel.

This is the panel that all of your dash panels are mounted to and is covered in vinyl on the passenger side.  Many 2800 / 3.0 owners discover that theirs has rotted away.  

In order to properly mount and retain your dash panels, you need a deck panel that is in good shape - and our replacement is just the ticket !!! 

And of course, you will be able to go to your local upholstery shop and get new vinyl in a grain and color of your choosing.

Here is the Back View.  You can see the extensive and complex machining involved in making this part.

We can even veneer your Lower Deck Tray Panel if you wish.


Above and below are close-ups of this panel veneered in Burled Walnut.  The flash of the camera made the Burled Walnut look "redder" than it really is.
Not only do we manufacture that panel, but we manufacture replacement “Accent Strips” - those little divider strips that are mounted in the slots in the vinyl side.
AND, we manufacture replacement Deck panel mounts, those pesky “T” shaped blocks of wood with a nut in them, that always seem to break to bits because the mounting bolt has rusted itself into the nut.  (They are glued into recesses on the bottom of the deck panel)

BMW  Bavaria Woodwork
Below are the wood trim components from a 1977 BMW Bavaria
Above you can see the veneer cracking and flaking right off the tempurature control panel.
Here you can see the same part after we restored it. 

Above,is the Glove Compartment Door woodwork from the same 1977 BMW Bavaria Before we restored it.

This is the Glove Compartment Door woodwork from the same 1977 BMW Bavaria After we restored it.

( sorry about the photographer's shadow in the picture )


Below is a set of BMW 850 CSI woodwork that was sent to us for restoration.

Unfortunately, the veneer that was used on these sets was paper thin, and any attempt to remove the old finish ruins the veneer....making the parts unsuitable for Refinishing. 

Additionally some of the parts were plastic and the veneer was bonded directly to that plastic making them unsuitable for Reveneering and Refinishing.

BUT  WE  HAVE  A  SOLUTION - We can finish your set in a Piano Black Finish !!
Here is what the stock set looked like.
Above is the complete set of BMW 850 CSI woodwork.  As you can see the parts have faded and changed in color over the years.  Some parts got more sunlight, others got less.  The clear finish on many of the parts had cracked as well. 

Above is the complete set of BMW 850 CSI woodwork After we Refinished it with a Piano Black finish.

NOW there is a solution for BMW 850 owners.  Call us today - we are at your service - 805-962-1579 

Click Here to See More Before and After Pictures of this set.

- For all other Years and Models -

- If it is Real Wood in your BMW, then We Can Restore It -

- Call us 805-962-1579


1977 - 86 BMW 735i owners - By now, your woodwork may be needing restoration, and

Refinishing is generally required, but occasionally we get in a set that needs both Reveneering and Refinishing.  

BUT, many owners want to upgrade the look of their they have us Reveneer their woodwork with a wood that is different than the stock veneer.

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Select one of these to see Popular Wood Choices for Reveneering:

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 (custom specialty veneers are available at an extra charge)


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