Since 1982 we have manufactured and restored tens of thousands of wood dashboards and wood dash and interior trim part sets. 

Our customers have ranged from automotive enthusiasts, collectors, royalty, dignitaries, movie stars, concours competitors and museums.

Most folks just want to get their automotive woodwork restored back to looking "showroom new".  

For those seeking orginality or maintaining the traditional look, we have been the restoration facility of choice. 

Many have requested something out of the ordinary and many have asked if we could do custom projects for them.

Many have desired a "new look" for their inteior, often a different wood type or a different color.

Of course, we are more than happy to accomodate ! 

Our craftsmen take a great deal of pride in their work and put their hearts into each and every job. 

For us at Madera Concepts, Automotive woodwork is not a hobby it is our career.

Below you will find examples of our work, from the traditional to the extraordiary....we hope you enjoy looking.

Many of the vehicles that we have restored the woodwork for, have been shown at the various Concours’ throughout all these years. Most were exhibited by their proud owners after years meticulous restoration, many were unique “One-of-a-Kinds” and many of them have taken First Place.


Gaul's Copper Kettle

One that stands out for the uniqueness of the car and its’ extensive woodwork,

is this

1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III Freestone & Webb Sedanca.

This Rolls-Royce Phantom III has a very interesting early history. It started life in 1937 with a limousine body built by a small English coach building company called W.C. Atcherley; it was one of only ten Rolls-Royce cars built by that company. In 1947, having been bought by Rolls-Royce collector John Gaul, it changed bodies to this extravagant design by Freestone & Webb, which uses a double skin of copper over steel for the fenders and includes many luxury fittings. It was known to Gaul's friends and family as 'Gaul's Copper Kettle.' During the late forties and early fifties the car was shown at many European concours becoming famous throughout Rolls-Royce circles. The car has now been fully restored for its current owner, for his collection. (source: Blackhawk Collection)

Custom built for its’ original owner John Gaul, it was aptly nicknamed "Gaul's Copper Kettle".

The car was fully restored for the current owners by Fennel Restorations 661-254-5606


WE were proud to do our part.

We completely reveneered and refinished all of the woodwork, no small task due to the complex shapes and extensive cabinetry. The gorgeous Burled Walnut and “Copper Inlay” added the crowning touch to the interior. Look closely, and you can see there is extensive woodwork in the "chauffers' cockpit". 


Everyone’s hard work and attention to detail paid off, as this special vehicle took 1st Place in Class H Rolls-Royce Pre-War at the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.  If you ever get the chance to see this gem on display, you'll know why.


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Marilyn Monroe's 1960 Mercedes-Benz  220SE

We never know what automotive woodwork might come to our facility for restoration, but years ago a gentleman came to us with woodwork from a 220SE.   As he began to unwrap the parts, we saw that the veneer under the failing clear topcoat, was really special...but it was failing too.  It was Birdseye Maple !!!  Additionally, he told us that the car once belonged to Marilyn Monroe, which made this Mercedes Wood Restoration even more SPECIAL.

Here are pictures of that beautiful Mercedes and the Incredible looking Birdseye Maple woodwork after we Reveneered and Refinished it.

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Sometimes we get requests to make custom Dashboards or Trim components and we will work closely with our clients to create what they would like.  We'll review their ideas to determine the feasibilty of the project, from both a manufacturing and a fitment stanpoints and help them make adjustments when necessary.  We also work closely with them to get the "look" they want, recommending veneer choices, as well as the options for crossbanding or inlays.  Most of the custom work we do, is for folks who want to add some woodwork to a vehicle that had none, and other times, they want something out of the ordinary for one that did.  Depending on the project, custom work can run the full range of cost, from a resonably priced undertaking to the "I don't care how much it costs, I want it".  So don't be afraid to ask.

We also get some pretty famous people as customers, and here are a few that come to mind:

- - - Johnny Carson's Corvette - - - the King of Morocco's custom Clenet - - -

- - - Mariah Carey' Tahoe - - - Mickey Rourke's Mercedes Benz - - -

- - - Michael Nader's Corvette - - - George Barris' Night Rider Firebird - - -

- - - George Foreman's Series 1 Clenet - - -  ...... Just to Name a Few .....

Here are some pictures of our work.


Jay Leno's Custom Lotus Dash

Lotus "enthusiasts" will quickly recognize the different outside shape, the different gauge and swith cutouts as well as the glove compartment door with its' custom knob.

We especially liked the fact that we got to choose this really gorgeous Burled Walnut...that had a tremendous amount of contrasting wave and a stunning radius of  "fiddleback" that just came to life when we "bookmatched" the veneer.

Madera Concepts is Proud to have been mentioned

by Jay Leno in a Video about the building of his Lotus !!

(Hint: it's after about 10 minutes into the video)
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